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Where to get Custom Banners Printing Service


Manual printing is the most critical part of the entire process. The reason why machine printing can guarantee the consistency of the quality of each product is because the three factors involved in screen printing are: the pressure, angle and speed of the blade are all controlled by the machine. It is certainly not possible to operate this mode with manual operation. However, if a very skilled printer works through repeated operations and masters certain skills, the difference between machine and printer can be reduced.

Correctly adjust the grid distance so that the screen is always in contact with the substrate line under the pressure of the squeegee. Both hands must be uniform when scraping ink. When walking backwards, the two legs should cross freely and smoothly, and the walking speed cannot be fast or slow. Divide the ink distribution procedure and do not evenly ink each time before scraping. The specific approach is: using two workstations running version of the printing, the provisions of a station on the scraper scraping left, scraping the other station to the right scraper, while the two stations were printed semi-finished products are absolutely separated, so as to avoid the scraping ink When the network due to tensile deformation caused by the color is not allowed. There are two drawbacks to manual screen-printing of four-color strips. One is to manually control the evenness of the ink layer on the long-screen printing plate, and the second is that the longer-width banner is always the last one due to the first ink-absorbing side. Ink, therefore, the speed at which the two inks sink and flow is not the same, and it is bound to cause the phenomenon that the ink is light and heavy in color.

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