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How to make the effective advertising effect ?


The propaganda is the most important for advertising :

According to the target of advertising, we can divide advertising into brand advertisement (or image advertisement), product advertisement and promotion advertisement. Brand advertising is brand-centered, the goal is to establish a brand image and thus contribute to long-term sales, resulting in long-term profits; product advertising and promotional advertising are mainly product-focused, the goal is to guide consumers to generate product purchase behavior, resulting in a specific period Profit. Many companies do not hesitate to publish these three types of advertisements every day, either individually or in combination. However, these three types of advertisements have a certain degree of difference in terms of the effectiveness of advertisements, the creativity of advertisements, the appeal of advertisements, and the media to be selected. Therefore, when companies operate, they need to be treated differently.

Now companies pay more attention to brand advertising and product advertising, but many companies do not put promotional advertising in an important position. We often see whether it is in the newspaper, the POP version of the storefront, or pedestrians. At the often-infested subway station, advertisements such as “Grand Prizes, etc.”, “Winter Vacation Gift Packages”, “Courtesy Trio”, “Buy One Get One Free” and other promotional advertisements can be seen everywhere. However, when people's eyes quickly shift, or the flyers are quickly thrown into the trash, it means that advertisers' input is wasted. Therefore, how to ensure that promotional advertising is not submerged in the sea of advertising, has become an issue that advertisers need to consider.

In fact, promotional advertising is not focused on by consumers. It is not that the promotion is not attractive. It is because promotional advertising itself lacks persuasiveness and attractiveness. It does not express the core interests of promotional activities. Therefore, promotional advertising also requires careful design and creativity.

The key is not what to say, but how to say. In general, the pattern of consumer acceptance of product information is: attention - interest - desire - action - satisfaction. Attention, interest and desire are all activities in the consumer mind market. Coupled with the current consumers increasingly seeking to find their own hobbies, tastes, and aesthetic values in the tide of goods, how can they be more tedious and boring? It is very important that promotional information is transformed into the excitement of consumers.

A clothing brand has used the three store outlets POP to do the following three different advertising core requirements for its apparel promotion activities to compare the effectiveness of different promotional advertising expressions: 1. Price discount 50%; 2. Buy one get one free; 3. Fold in half. After a month, the apparel company found that the stores using the second promotional advertisement had sales that were 40% higher than those of the other two stores. Obviously, consumers are more likely to “get greedy for cheap”, so people always have a lot of doubts about price concessions and discounts. Plus, price concessions and discounts do not give consumers “exclusive” enjoyment. Consumers Will doubt the quality of the product, and even think that it is not because of the loss of the company. For the second store’s advertisements, consumers feel that the business brings benefits to consumers.

Lenovo Computer once did a promotional event for the old users, mainly for the early users of Lenovo desktop computers, if you want to update the family of Lenovo computers, so long as you hold the original purchase of Lenovo computer invoices, warranty cards and other documents, to Lenovo Monopoly When shopping for Lenovo's "Tianrui 5030" and "Tianlin 5222," the latest models of Lenovo desktop computers, they can enjoy a cash discount of RMB 500. In Computer City, Lenovo's promotional advertising content is "seeking people - to find Lenovo 1 +1 old users: like the speed of fashion you are changing your computer you", has attracted a large number of consumers eye, both to achieve promotion of promotional activities The effect also spreads Lenovo's new product information.

It is not difficult to see that the same promotion activity can bring different effects with different arguments. Therefore, the focus of promotion advertising lies not on what to say but on how to say it.

Pay attention to the "single appeal" effect synchronized with the brand. Nowadays, many companies tend to separate promotional advertising from corporate brand advertising. There is no organic unified system in the style, because many companies believe that promotional advertising is short-term behavior, so it is not too Too much emphasis, this idea and practice is wrong. The study found that consumers’ perceptions of a brand often come from moments of contact with the brand or product. The consumer’s perception is made up of a number of key moments that do not represent the essence of the brand and the product but represent The key to making impressions on brands and products. Therefore, promotional advertising as a company's brand and product-related advertising campaigns, need special attention to the psychological feelings it may bring to consumers, such as "unified" orange ads are related to "beautiful", fully integrated The brand positioning and the characteristics of target consumers have enhanced the popularity and reputation of the product among the major consumer groups, removing barriers to terminal consumption and identification.

We can compare the two domestic telecom operators China Mobile and China Unicom for promotional advertising. China Mobile’s recent promotional advertisements in newspapers are “global prepaid callbacks”, which are all consistent with their corporate logos. Standard colors and fonts, and there is a "global pass" prominent logo, the middle of the prominent core of the advertising slogan "a deposit back one" "pre-store 600 back to 300" words, in the lower left corner of the ad, with "new business needs better "Network" and "China Mobile Communications, mobile communications experts" with the demand, in the lower right corner of the "customer service hotline 1860" logo, so that consumers look at the promotional advertising also deepened the impression of China Mobile brand. In the same 1/4 page of a newspaper, Unicom’s promotional ads for “Ruyi 133” are full of various types of mobile phones and have marked different prices. They also added many new services such as “Unlimited Unicom”. Content, etc., did not use Unicom's logo and any core slogans. In a study on the effectiveness of promotional advertising for consumers, it was found that the impression left by consumers when they watched mobile advertising was “professional” and “trustworthy.” The impression of viewing promotional ads for Unicom was “chaotic.” , "price cuts" and so on. Therefore, the two major operators have also made consumers different impressions on the two operator brands in the promotion of promotional advertising to the audience.

For enterprises, the current misunderstanding of promotional ads that are easily trapped lies in the fact that it is easy to make promotional advertisements “promotions are nothing more than price reductions and sales promotion” and cannot be related to brands. However, this has negative effects that in turn affect brands. Whether it is price reductions, discounts, or live shows, it is necessary to pass a unified message at the same time, and this information is closely related to the core value of the brand. Therefore, promotional advertising needs to adopt the “single appeal” effect synchronized with the brand.

The simple idea lies in exquisite statistics. According to statistics, every natural person has as many as hundreds of direct and indirect daily advertising messages. Due to the uneven quality of modern advertisements, including a large number of enterprises, excessive and inaccurate propaganda, plus advertising There is a certain degree of intrusiveness in people's living space, which often intentionally or unintentionally undermines people's increasingly small open space, making people appear to be disgusted with many advertisements. At this time, people began to pay attention to some simple and easy advertising content.

Let's take a closer look at some promotional advertisements. For example, "Carrefour" sends promotional advertisements to each household, and you can see that there are catalogs, photographs and prices for specific products. This actually captures the current consumer An “experience” mentality, where consumers can't deviate from the actual product to perceive the quality of the product, and can't find the benefits brought by the promotion. Many housewives also have advertising brochures with pictures and texts. Carrefour to find the appropriate product, saving consumers purchase time. More typical examples are “IKEA Home”. IKEA relies on the promotional brochures it distributes to the target consumers. It also brings in a large number of buyers. Its promotional advertisements are even more wonderful. Not only the products Real photos are put into promotional advertisements, and special human elements are also injected into promotional advertisements. For example, introductions to pillows include the “What do you want to sleep” knowledge so that consumers can grasp in a short time? A lot of information, thus creating a desire to buy.

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